Summer house

With a wooden garden house you get the most out of your garden. Since 1978, Woodpro has been producing top-quality wooden garden houses, log cabins and verandas. Woodpro is known for top quality for a favorable price. Garden houses of top quality!

When you think of Woodpro, you think of quality. Woodpro is the market leader in the Netherlands and England. This is due to our unbeatable price-quality ratio. You can do everything in your own wooden garden house, for example create a garden office or a fitness room.

Many extras for your wooden garden house included in the price

Woodpro offers many extras for your garden house as standard: roof covering, roof finishing, windows and doors. Roof covering is always included in the price. With a pyramid roof you have the choice of five color shingles: black, brown, green, blue or red.

With a flat roof we deliver a complete package with high-quality EPDM, roof outlet and kit. Roof finishing is also included in the price as standard. With most pyramid roofs you have the choice between a chrome or a brass sphere, weather witch or a classic weathercock.

The windows and doors have windows made of HR ++ double glazing. The doors are equipped with a three-point lock and are supplied as standard with a left-handed turn.

summer house

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