Sunlight, the scent of wood, a green environment. It is almost impossible to get closer to nature. A log cabin or garden house offers a unique, natural setting for guests, family and yourself in a comfortable way. Think of a comfortable lounge set and enjoy the peace and warmth with friends.

Or turn it into a cozy guest room and let your guests wake up in the morning with the sun’s rays through the windows, birds singing. Make your wooden garden house or log cabin a natural part of your garden: the perfect backdrop for a sunny garden party or a quiet evening with a glass of wine!

You can also opt for smaller log cabin models such as a handy traditional log cabin, the ideal storage space for bicycles, garden furniture and other garden accessories. For every garden and every budget there is a log cabin or garden house that fits your wishes with the accompanying log cabin accessories.

About Lugarde

Bertus Wuestman, the founder of Lugarde, worked with his father as a reed coverer in his younger years. Customers soon asked if he could not only supply reeds, but also a garden shed. In 1978 Bertus developed a cottage with a thatched roof. Many other houses followed with other roof coverings. In the meantime Lugarde has grown into a company with hundreds of garden houses and canopies.

Bertus is still working at Lugarde. Daughter Andrea and son Thomas are also active within the company. Andrea Wuestman has been director-owner since 2016. The gazebos Prima Andrea and Prima Thomas are named after them. At the office and in production, around 80 employees are busy every day for Lugarde customers.

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